We are honeybee people – Passion is the force that drives us. Our honey (100% Real Australian Honey) is renowned for superior taste and texture. We produce the best honey in Australia, the highest quality, 100% pure and natural, simply the best Australian honey available.

We have over 20 years industry experience.

It all started

AB’s Honey comes from 600 different sources. Six hundred different species of Eucalyptus trees flourish in the forests of Queensland and New South Wales, and that is where our bees gather their honey from. These areas also have a wide variety of native Australian trees and shrubs, which add to the ground flora and this vibrant mix finds expression in AB’s honey.

And then our long sunny days are what the bees absolutely love. Also, the atmosphere here makes it even better with its clarity and crisp air. For bees this is the ideal environment to be at their creative best. Once they are done with what they do best, we are able to harvest some of the best honey in the World. AB’s Honey is 100% pure and natural.

Another reason why our honey is closest to what Nature herself had intended is the short and mild winter of this region. As the winters are moderate and end soon, our bees are not dependent on artificial feeding. This ensures that our produce is truly Nature’s own elixir.

Honey reflects its environment, and ours is truly something of a gift – just right for the bees and just right to get that perfect nectar. The natural goodness of our honey is bursting with health.

Our facility

Our Capalaba premises have been custom-fitted to provide handling and packaging facilities modeled on the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, as this industry’s standards are higher than that of any current food industry requirements. Advanced machines have been put into place for customised packaging. An important feature of this excellent facility is the clean air environment which ensures safe production.

The facility can handle large and small orders and quality assurance meets HACCP standards. AB’s Honey has been in this industry for over 20 years and we possess a good understanding of what is required by various regulatory agencies. We also have an understanding of what kind of honey is truly good for you. The many years that have gone under the bridge have given us extensive experience and we are capable of handling both local and export orders.

In addition to our facilities, you also have access to our expertise. We can make recommendations that will assist you in ensuring your needs are met. You have a wide range of packaging options to choose from. If you would prefer your own packaging and labels we have the expertise and contacts to see your needs are met. Our work culture is based on mutual respect for quality, time and culture. Our service is hands-on so that the customer feels like a part of the AB Honey family. We have an experienced and courteous staff.

If you wish to know more about us or have questions about the applicable terms and conditions, or if you just want to taste great Australian honey contact us.

Our passion

For what we do and the core values that govern how we conduct ourselves push us to be at the forefront of quality, safety and traceability in the industry.

We Deliver Honeymood

“A sweet delectable feeling”

Enjoy our long line of honey products including Manuka,
Tea Tree, Yellow Box, Macadamia, Ironbark, Rainforest, Leatherwood and many other.