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About AB’s Honey

AB’s Honey, Australian Beekeepers Honey, is a supplier and exporter of 100% real raw Australian honey gathered by bees right here in Australia. We have been producing some of Australia’s best quality real, natural, pure honey and bee products available to the public for over three decades.

AB’s Honey is a family-owned and operated business located near Brisbane, Queensland. Our primary goal since commencing retail and commercial operations has been to produce the best quality Australian honey; pure, raw, and natural.

We provide wholesale Australian honey and bee products to individual and commercial operations across Australia and internationally.

Our 100% real Australian honey is supplied to individuals, retail outlets, restaurants, distributors, and food manufacturing companies.


Our philosophy is simply…

We deal with people and our purpose is to
connect people and businesses with the honey they love.

If you are an individual looking for personal quantities of Australia’s best Australian honey and bee products, these are available at our online direct-to-consumer retail store, Simply Honey. If you are looking for a commercial supplier of honey and bee products, you are in the right place!

AB’s Honey connects people with the honey they love

As beekeepers and producers of honey, our interest is in connecting people with the honey they love and businesses with the honey they need. With seven carefully selected natural table honeys*, honeycomb, pollen, and our 100% Australian Manuka Honey, we provide you with the honey that suits your requirements.
*Other varietals may be sourced by request.

We take the time to understand the nutritional and taste requirements of our consumers, ensuring your needs are met. This is the AB’s Honey difference.

Working with a selected network of reliable and trusted beekeepers across Australia, we offer our customers a continuous supply of only the highest quality 100% pure Australian Honey. Our knowledge and experience teamed with the wide reach of our beekeeper associates ensures we continuously provide you with the honey you want and need, not just the honey we happen to have.

We stand for 100% pure Australian honey

Genuine quality is important to our customers, so we ensure the honey you receive is undamaged by the processing many larger retailers require.

The table and Manuka honey you receive from us is kept at temperatures no higher than a hot summer’s day. This ensures all of nature’s goodness is preserved. Additionally, we will not over-filter your table or Manuka honey. Fine filtration can strip the beneficial components from the honey and greatly reduce its nutritional benefits.

AB’s Honey’s reputation for high-quality honey products sees demand continue to grow in all markets, including commercial, wholesale, bulk, and manufacturing.

We stand for reliability

Our core strength is our ability to procure and process a large volume of honey to the highest quality standards, satisfying the needs of any market whilst retaining a personal touch.

We work with a network of reliable and trusted beekeepers across Australia who provide us the highest quality honey, created by bees foraging a variety of Australian flora. Through this trusted supply network we guarantee our supply of 100% pure, real Australian honey, ensuring you have access to the raw products you need for your business.

Our excellent varieties of honey and our HACCP Certified facilities make AB’s Honey a perfect bulk honey provider for individuals and companies looking for genuine 100% pure Australian honey at wholesale prices.

We Deliver Honeymood

We deal with people and our purpose is to
connect people and businesses with the honey they love.