Congratulations on making the decision to consider importing our products.

We are thrilled you love AB’s Honey products enough to want to share them in a new overseas market.

AB’s Honey have been supporting businesses export pure honey products to the global market for almost three decades and our success in this market has come from developing proven strategies targeting specific export markets.

We receive many inquiries to export our products to many different countries around the world and approach each with the same philosophy of creating a mutually beneficial (win-win) partnership, ensuring there is a match between the market and our partners.

We respect our existing export customers and markets, and value the relationships we have built. Our decision to work with you is based on this principle. If we don’t believe an opportunity will be win-win, we won’t be able to progress your inquiry further.

Still with us?


This is what you need to know

How we choose our trading partners and new opportunities.

1.     Who are you?

We believe business starts and ends with relationships and we need to get to know you. So, tell us about yourself. Starting with your website, company profile or brochure.


2.    What’s the opportunity?

Before considering an export/import partnership, we need to understand you, the market you are looking to enter, and the channels you will be working in.

Essentially…. Tell us everything! (as it pertains to the new market opportunity). Things we need (to understand (as a minimum) are:

  • What products are you interested in?
  • What volume of products are you looking at buying?
  • Where / how will you be using/selling it?
  • What pack sizes do you require? Why do you believe these will work for your market?


3.    What is your capacity to launch our branded products into new markets?

We want you to be successful (remember win-win), therefore we need to understand your ability and capacity to introduce our products to the new market and support the product launch. We want to know about your history of successful sales of food or other products in the target market, and how you intend to do this with our products.

  • What is your current market presence?
  • What is your experience in importing products in this, or other markets? Please be as specific as you can. The more detail you can provide, the more we can get to know you.
  • How will our products fit within your existing business?
  • Who else do you buy from? Will you be willing to provide the names and addresses of suppliers as references?
  • What resources do you have to support this opportunity? Such as staff, facilities, distributors?
4.   What do you know about your target market/s?

We need to be sure you understand your market, so invite you to teach us!

  • How much do you know about your market?
  • What experience have you had in this market?
  • Tell us about the market trends.
  • What are the opportunities? Threats? Risks? Competitors?


5.    How will you introduce our products to market?

Entering a new market can be challenging, so we need to understand how you will introduce new products to market.

  • What is your market entry plan?
  • How would you introduce the products to the market?
  • How would you market and support them?
  • How will they be distributed? Stored and handled?


6.    What do you know about supply import and customs clearance processes in the market?

Import and customs clearance processes can make or break a business. We want to be sure you understand what you need to do to get our products into your market, what it will cost, and any flow on effects of potential delays.

  • What are the customs clearance requirements for the product?
  • What product specifications do customs require?


NB: We will not supply honey for export without a copy of the customs clearance requirements and product specifications that customs will use to allow the products to clear successfully.

We want you to be as successful as our other export/import partners. Providing us with the  customs clearance requirements and product specifications will allow us to pre-test the products prior to leaving Australia to be sure they will comply with local regulations.


7.    Commercial arrangements. IMPORTANT

We only work with customers who pay us in full before the products leave Australia. As part of our due diligence, we need to be sure you are able to pay for any product in full prior to it leaving Australia.

Please, only contact us if you can comply with this requirement.

With the number of inquiries we receive, there are some customers who we choose not to develop markets with. Please do not be offended by this. However we offer PREMIUM honey products, and pride ourselves on offering 100% pure, raw honey.

We will not be able to work with you, if you ….

  • are NOT incorporated as a company.
  • are interested in importing job lots of product or selling at the lowest cost in the market
  • have not successfully launched food products before.

Still reading and want to work with us?

You are probably asking, “Why are we asking so many questions?”

Building a successful partnership is critical for our mutual success. The questions above help us to evaluate your inquiry and asses it for fit against our market strategies. This helps us determine if the products you are interested in buying will sell successfully in your chosen market.

To help us assess your inquiry we ask you to provide us with truthful and accurate responses to the questions above. If you would like to provide additional information that you believe is relevant to us assessing your application, please include this also.

We may use local sources and business support advisors in the proposed market to verify the information that you provide to us.

Building a new export market for us is the beginning of a long and sustainable relationship. We aim to do this in a way that delivers quality and value to the end customer in the target market and produces good results for both you and us.

Our decision to develop a new relationship in an overseas market or expand into a new region is thoroughly and rigorously assessed by our sales, export and marketing team and company directors.

We only want to work with businesses who:

  • Value high quality, 100% pure Australian honey products
  • Value Our brand
  • Share our vision and,

whose goals are aligned with ours.


If you believe you have what it takes to be successful complete the form below.  Once we receive this, we may ask you to provide additional information to help us understand the market, products and opportunity you want to explore.

Feel free to use the questions above as a guide for your application.  If we receive enough details to thoroughly assess your inquiry, we will make contact with you again.

If you need us to clarify our requirements and terms, reach out to us at

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