Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is your honey organic?

AB’s Honey is 100% pure, raw, natural Australian honey. Nothing is added, and being raw honey, all of the natural goodness is retained. It is just as the bees created it.

The honey AB’s Honey supplies is raw honey though it is not certified as organic through a certification process.

Does honey spoil? Short answer No.

The best before date on a honey package is a legal requirement. In Australia, consumer law requires honey to have a best before date. Having said this, if honey is stored in an airtight food-grade container it can last indefinitely. That is why the honey found in the pyramids was still edible!

Is your honey pasteurised?

The honey supplied by AB’s Honey is raw honey. The honey is not heated to high temperatures. It is gently and slowly warmed to ensure that all the natural enzymes are preserved in the honey.

If pasteurisation is required, AB’s Honey can assist.

Can honey be shipped to Western Australia?

Western Australian quarantine requirements require honey entering the state to be pasteurised or heated and to pass quarantine inspections on entry.

Can honeycomb or beeswax enter Tasmania?

Tasmanian Biosecurity restricts honeycomb and beeswax entering the state.