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Suppliers of 100% Real Australian Honey

AB’s Honey (Australian Beekeeper’s Honey) is a wholesale honey supplier of 100% real, raw Australian honey gathered by bees right here in Australia. AB’s Honey has been producing some of Australia’s best quality real, natural, pure 100% Australian honey, Australian Manuka Honey, and bee products available for over three decades.

  1. “We work with real Australian Beekeepers to provide quality Australian honey in bulk to businesses in Australia and overseas.”

AB’s Honey is a family owned and operated business near Brisbane, Queensland. Our primary goal since commencing our retail and commercial operations has been to produce the best quality Australian honey; pure, raw, and natural.

From our HACCP certified premises, we supply 100% natural raw Australian honey and bee products to individuals, retail outlets, restaurants, distributors, food manufacturing companies and commercial operations across Australia and internationally.

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AB’s Honey supplies bulk raw Australian honey, Australian Manuka honey, and bee products in a variety of bulk packaging sizes to suit retailers, manufacturers, caterers, distributors, and exporters.


If you are quality conscious beekeepers and wish the product you have harvested to go through the best quality treatment, please contact AB’s Honey for our buy-in terms.

Real Australian Honey


Manuka honey is perhaps the most sought-after honey in the world. The superior quality Manuka honey produced by AB’s Honey is 100% pure raw honey, which retains the natural unique properties associated with Manuka honey.

Australian Manuka Honey Facts
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AB’s Honey supplies commercial food and drink manufacturing businesses in bulk and retailers that wish to distribute the AB’s Honey brand.

We also provide a private label and custom packaging service allowing businesses worldwide to sell our quality 100% Australian Honey under their own brand.

AB’s also wholesales sought-after apiary products including honeycomb and pollen.


    AB’s Honey is one of Australia’s leading suppliers and exporters of raw, processed & bulk honey. We supply pure, fresh honey to individuals, retail outlets, restaurants, distributors, food manufacturing companies and exporters.


    AB’s Honey, known for its natural, healthy and 100% Real Australian honey, is a major supplier of honey to the Food Service sector in Australia. We offer wholesale honey at a very affordable price while maintaining the highest quality standard.

  • BULK

    Our bulk honey can be purchased in pails, drums or IBC’s.  We supply bulk honey to the food service sector as well as to food and drinks manufacturers. If you are interested in our high quality bulk honey please contact us for a quote.


    Imagine selling your honey with your very own brand labels. With AB’s Honey, this can be made a reality. As a private label honey manufacturer, we can get your branding on our honey packaging and labels so you can serve a custom product to your customers.


    You can get our variety of honey products in the Australian local market and worldwide, in our retail squeeze packs, jars and in bulk sizes.

From our hives to your home. 100% pure, raw, and natural!