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    Buy Bulk Honey from AB’s Honey

    Home of 100% Real Australian Honey from real Australian Beekeepers

    Beekeeper holding up brood comb for the cameraAB’s Honey (Australian Beekeeper’s Honey) are bulk honey suppliers of 100% real, raw Australian honey, as pure as the bees make it. AB’s Honey has been producing some of Australia’s best quality real, natural, pure 100% Australian honey and bee products for three decades. If you are a retailer, wholesaler, exporter, or manufacturer looking to buy bulk honey in Australia, we can meet your needs.

    Our 100% Australian honey is sourced from a trusted network of beekeepers who supply us with the highest quality honey. Our beekeepers love their bees, and it shows in the honey they supply.

    At AB’s Honey, our passion is to bring our customers the best honey in the world and support our hard-working Australian Beekeepers. As passionate beekeepers ourselves, we are honey producers, and so are our trusted suppliers.

    Family owned and operated since 1982

    AB’s Honey has been producing and supplying 100% pure, raw Australian honey for three decades. Our passion is to bring customers the best bulk honey in the world and support our Australian Beekeepers.

    A 100% Australian family-owned and operated business located in Capalaba, Queensland.

    The AB’s Honey difference

    As a leading honey producer, AB’s Honey provides wholesale bulk raw honey and Australian Manuka honey, processed in a modern HACCP certified facility in Brisbane. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest standard of bulk Australian honey with complete traceability and quality packing providing you peace of mind.

    We guarantee consistently high-quality wholesale Australian honey and Manuka honey and volumes that ensure you have access to the raw honey products in a packaging size to meet your needs.

    Honey for export

    We will assist you with your export as appropriate. Australian honey cannot be sent to other countries without meeting quarantine and government approval. For example, honey cannot be sent to Western Australia or New Zealand without meeting those requirements.

    Today, AB’s Honey has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality pure raw Australian honey, honeycomb, beeswax, pollen, and 100% pure Australian Manuka honey.

    Competitive pricing

    If you have been searching for a supplier of bulk raw honey, AB’s Honey can provide you with the variety and packaging sizes to meet your requirements. If you are a wholesale, manufacturer, or retailer, or looking to export Australian Honey or Australian Manuka Honey, complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

    HACCP certified, Brisbane local


    Our custom-fitted honey packing facilities are HACCP certified and can handle any sized order.

    Retail and wholesale honey


    We provide 100% natural, raw Australian honey and bee products to bulk raw honey wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and export markets across Australia and internationally.

    White label honey and private label honey


    We can package private label honey and private label Manuka honey to support your business at wholesale honey prices.

    Our products are also available to the public in personal quantities via our online shop, Simply Honey.

    We are proud of our business, beekeepers, customers, and community for supporting us by purchasing our 100% pure Australian honey and bee products.

    Our philosophy is simple; Connecting people and business with the honey they love.

    Real Australian Honey


    Manuka honey is perhaps the most sought after honey in the world. The superior quality Australian Manuka honey produced by AB’s Honey is 100% pure raw honey which retains the natural unique properties associated with Manuka honey.

    Bee on Manuka flower
    Australian Honey on the comb


    AB’s Honey can be purchased by consumers at our Simply Honey online honey store, and is supplied in bulk to commercial manufacturing businesses and to retailers.

    AB’s Honey also provides a private label and custom packaging service, allowing businesses across the globe the ability to sell our world-class 100% Australian Honey under their own brand.

    Other sought-after apiary products including honeycomb and pollen are also available in bulk quantities for wholesale.


    OUR PRODUCTS - Retail

    Purchase AB’s Honey Online

    Personal quantities direct to your home – Our 100% REAL Australian raw honey is available to purchase from our online shop, Simply Honey. Some supermarket honeys contain imported honey and fake honey (manufactured from syrups). AB’s Honey is guaranteed to be 100% from Australian beekeepers, maintaining the highest standards of quality and purity and supporting Australian industry.

    The excellent range of products available online at Simply Honey includes our renowned Manuka Honey and our ever-popular table honeys: Leatherwood, Yellow Box, Tea Tree, Rainforest, Macadamia, Brisbane Locale, and Ironbark; and our gourmet blends: Ginger in Honey, Comb in Honey, Honey and Cinnamon, Vanilla Infused Honey, Coffee Infused Honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey.

    Simply Honey on-line store has other sought-after bee products including honeycomb, wax, and pollen.

    Marilyn Gunston

    The only honey supplier I would ever use for my health food products. Best honey in australia.

    Marilyn Gunston,
    Brisbane QLD

    Stephen Cahill

    Natural Wholesome Goodness and best of all, it tastes great! It is the most wonderful honey.

    Stephen Cahill,
    Sydney NSW

    A Nicolas

    Great Value. Great staff.. the purest honey I found.

    A Nicolas


    Best honey I have ever had. Fantastic and quality is the same every time.



    It is the most wonderful honey.


    Claude C

    Best honey in Australia.

    Claude C


    I have been using Simply Honey for over a year now and will not get honey from anyone else. Every time the ordering process was great and the honey is just so amazingly tasty.


    Cassandra M

    Absolutely exquisite products!! I ordered a bulk lot of honey and beeswax and both smell heavenly! I am so happy the shop offers the chunk style beeswax, it’s both economical and also easier to chop up and fit into my melting pot 🙂

    Cassandra M

    C Mello

    My shipment arrived quickly and was incredibly well packaged/secured. I adore that the honey comes in glass jars, I can re-use these and that is always a plus for me!! I love supporting businesses that really look after their customers and take such pride in their products!

    C Mello

    L Reading

    Thank you, I am impressed with the prompt processing and delivery. To my surprise the package arrived this morning. Thanking you once again.

    L Reading


    If you are quality conscious beekeepers and wish the product you have harvested to go through the best quality treatment, please contact AB's Honey for our buy-in terms.


      AB’s Honey is one of Australia’s leading suppliers and exporters of raw, processed & bulk honey. We supply pure, fresh honey to individuals, retail outlets, restaurants, distributors, food manufacturing companies and exporters.


      AB’s Honey, known for its natural, healthy and 100% Real Australian honey, is a major supplier of honey to the Food Service sector in Australia. We offer wholesale honey at a very affordable price while maintaining the highest quality standard.

    • BULK

      Our bulk honey can be purchased in pails, drums or IBC’s. We supply bulk honey to the food service sector as well as to food and drinks manufacturers. If you are interested in our high-quality bulk honey please contact us for a quote.


      Imagine selling your honey with your very own brand labels. With AB's Honey, this can be made a reality. As a private label honey manufacturer, we can get your branding on our honey packaging and labels so you can serve a custom product to your customers.

    • RETAIL

      You can get our variety of honey products in the Australian local market and worldwide, in our retail squeeze packs, jars and in bulk sizes.

    From our hives to your home. 100% pure, raw, and natural!