In the beginning, there was the beekeeper and the hive. That is how beekeeping business starts.

Hives have to be tended regularly to ensure the health and strength of bees. Quality care ensures hives remain relatively free of disease and vermin and the hive exists as strong well organised community. Unless hives are all maintained you cannot get the quality of natural honey that AB’s Honey provides. Here is a little more about the process:


The honey box is removed when frames in the box are capped. This means the bees have literally given their seal of approval to the honey by placing a thin wax cap over cells in the frame of honeycomb. Honey boxes are brought to the extraction room which contains large stainless steel extractors.

Frames of honey are placed in extractors, the ‘caps’ have been removed, a process known as uncapping. Frames are then gently spun. This process slowly drains the raw honey from the frames.

The temperature of the room is often kept at that of a warm summers day, approximately 35 degrees Celsius to enable the natural honey to flow freely from the frames.


To ensure our honey stays true to nature we minimise the processing of our honey. Generally, little purification is required allowing us to provide pure and natural honey. Purification is only required to remove debris from the honey. Because bees are insects and they gather nectar from forests, during the gathering and extraction processes, material such as wax and floral matter can be gathered with the honey. We use a settling process and a sieve to remove debris. This ensures pollen, propolis, royal jelly … all the good things, are still present in our honey.

Most processed honey relies on  high temperatures to purify the honey.  Unfortunately the use of  high temperatures can also take away some of the original delicate taste and some of the health qualities that you obtain with 100% natural honey. All our honey at AB’s Honey is kept below harmful temperatures so you can be sure all AB’s Honey is 100% pure honey.


To ensure that our customers are satisfied and their product is totally safe we do all our packaging in a clean room. This pristine environment is free from dirt, insects, odours and contaminants.

All equipment the honey comes into contact with is stainless steel or approved food grade material. The design of the packing room and protocols followed by staff exceed ANZFA criteria.


If you buy honey from our online store you will find information on shipping and handling on that website relating to online sales.

For industrial and wholesale customers we have over the years developed reliable delivery partners and also offer a collection from our warehouse in Capalaba, Brisbane.

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Commitment to Quality: Traceability and Safety
100% Natural Honey

Our management system comprises a network of associated producers to guarantee the highest quality and traceability throughout the production and marketing chain, from beekeeper to customer.

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