Our Services

Building successful partnerships are a daily process. At AB’s Honey we pride ourselves on making it our business to understand and protect your interests.

We will

  • provide a single point of contact
  • understand and anticipate your existing and future needs
  • identify key requirements and offer cost-effective solutions
  • share our knowledge

We offer

  • bulk Australian honey for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturing, and export
  • state of the art packaging and labelling in our pristine HACCP certified facilities
  • additional services as required by your market, e.g. heat treatment, irradiation etc.

AB's Honey - 100% Australian Honey

Bulk Honey

Our bulk 100% Australian honey can be purchased in jars, pails, drums, or IBCs. We supply bulk honey to the manufacturing and food service sectors. If you are interested in our high-quality bulk honey please contact us for a quote.

Our standard packaging range includes:


  • 250gr
  • 500gr
  • 1kg

Squeeze Bottle

  • 500gr
  • 700gr

Jerry Cans

  • 1.5kg
  • 3kg


  • 1kg
  • 3kg
  • 14kg
  • 27kg


  • 300kg


  • 1000-1450kg
SUPPLY HONEY bulk container
four sizes of honey pails

Table Honey Range

Our table range of honey comes in a variety of tamper-evident sizes to meet your bulk and wholesale honey products requirement.

You can purchase personal quantities of our table honey range at Simply Honey, AB’s Honey’s online store.

Every batch of our 100% Australian honey is traceable back to the hive.


AB’s Honey can offer a variety of honeys, including:

AB's Honey varietals jars in a row

  • Yellow Box
  • Ironbark
  • Tea Tree
  • Rainforest
  • Brisbane Local
  • Leatherwood
  • and our popular sought-after 100% pure raw Australian Manuka honey.

We guarantee consistent honey quality and volumes to ensure you have access to the raw honey products you need to service your clients.

We have also developed a range of unique gourmet products:

AB's Honey Gourmet Honey Range

  • Ginger in Honey
  • Coffee in Honey
  • Vanilla in Honey
  • Comb in Honey
  • Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey
  • Cinnamon with Manuka Honey

OEM / Custom Packaging / Private Label

AB’s Honey has the facilities, experience, and capacity to provide OEM or custom packaging services. Customers benefit from our experience, expertise, and world-class honey and bee products.

Our OEM or custom packaging service offers flexibility and control regarding both product and packaging. Clients can choose to simply retail our products “as-is” under our label, or market under their own brand. Packaging material can either be supplied by us or provided by the customer in a pre-arranged format.

We welcome the opportunity to welcome your business to our family.

Apiary Products

As well as wholesale honey products, AB’s Honey also has a range of other apiary products that you may need, including honeycomb, beeswax, and pollen. Our apiary products, just like our honey, are of the highest quality standard.


AB's Honey pure honeycomb packs
3 pure beeswax blocks
3 jars of pollen

AB’s Honeycomb

Our honeycomb is cut fresh from the hives and made available in a choice of two container sizes:

  • 150 g cut honeycomb
  • 400 g cut honeycomb
  • 500 g comb in honey

Honeycomb is a popular choice for retailers, restaurants, and providers of gourmet hampers.


We can supply 100% pure Australian beeswax in blocks and by kilogram weight. Wholesale beeswax is supplied to manufacturers, cosmetic companies, surfboard companies and other producers who require a top quality beeswax product.

Pure Bee Pollen

Pure natural bee pollen is available in three different jar sizes, or in bulk packaging to suit your healthfood requirements.

AB’s Honey pollen jar sizes:

  • 125 g pollen granules
  • 250 g pollen granules
  • 500 g pollen granules

AB Honey provides 100% Real Australian Honey, Australia’s very own liquid gold.

Our HACCP program ensures you receive the highest quality honey, undamaged whilst being packaged.
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