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Australian Manuka honey is one of the most sought-after honeys in the world. It is produced by bees which pollinate the Manuka plants (Leptospermum spp and other Leptospermum Genus plant) found throughout Australia. AB’s Honey is an Australian supplier of wholesale Manuka Honey.

Australian Manuka Honey is popularly preferred over other types of honey due to its distinctive rich earthy taste, thicker consistency, and beautiful dark colour, as well as the special properties; the unique components of Manuka Honey.

Our beekeepers harvest nectar from Australian Manuka plants so we can enjoy locally produced Australian Manuka Honey. There’s no doubt this wholesale Manuka honey reflects the quality and purity you’d expect from AB’s Honey.

Manuka honey has been known for its health and immunity-boosting qualities for many generations.

Components of Manuka Honey

Australian Manuka Honey naturally contains beneficial compounds. The Hydrogen Peroxide present in Australian Manuka Honey gives it its antibiotic quality. Just as important, however, is the amount of MGO (methylglyoxal) present. MGO is found in many types of honey but usually only in small quantities. 100% natural Manuka Honey is the exception.

AB’s Manuka Honey is available in a range of strengths, from MGO 30+ to MGO 900+. We carefully store our Manuka Honey in our Queensland facility so you can be assured you’re receiving a premium 100% Australian product containing all the natural benefits that only mother nature can provide.

AB’s Manuka Honey

  • AB’s Manuka Honey is 100% pure, natural, and raw. It is the highest quality Australian Manuka Honey available worldwide.
  • Every batch of AB’s Manuka Honey is independently tested so you can have confidence in the quoted MGO reading.
  • The exceptional quality of the raw product and high standards of harvesting and handling have created a delicious healthy pure Manuka Honey that is served in homes in Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, UK, USA, and all around the world.

Wholesale and Bulk Enquiries

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If you are looking to purchase personal quantities of AB’s 100% Manuka Honey for your home, please visit our Simply Honey Online Store.

100% Genuine Australian Manuka Honey